Horsham & District Youth Football League

Est, 1969

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FA Chartered Standard League


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FA Registered 3G pitches within the county

League News / Updates

2 sets of instructions for the match returns. The basic instructions has pictures and more detail than the Quick guide.

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Match Return Basic Instructions

Quick Guide Match Return Instructions

Season 2018-19 Quick Reference This does not form a part of the rules and the main rulebook must always be consulted.  


Age Group                    Game Format                        Period Length           Ball Size            Extra Time

                                                                                                      (Two Periods)                                                                                 (Two Periods)


                                                                Under 7s                              5v5                                    2x 20mins                    3                       None

                                                                Under 8s                              5v5                                    2x 20mins                    3                       None

                                                                Under 9s                              7v7                                    2x 25mins                    3                       None

                                                                Under 10s                            7v7                                    2x 25mins                    4                       None

                                                                Under 11s                            9v9                                    2x 30mins                    4                       None

                                                                Under 12s                            9v9                                    2x 30mins                    4                       None

                                                                Under 13s                          11v11                                  2x 35mins                    4                       2x 10mins

                                                                Under 14s                          11v11                                  2x 35mins                    4                       2x 10mins

                                                                Under 15s                          11v11                                  2x 40mins                    5                       2x 10mins

                                                                Under 16s                          11v11                                  2x 40mins                    5                       2x 10mins

Blind Regional Talent Centre - Sighted Goalkeepers Needed



Blind Regional Talent Players Needed



Deaf Regional Talent Centre Players Needed



Partially Sighted Regional Talent Centre Players Needed 


Regional Disability Talent Centres

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"Your committee are looking for new members this could be in a specific role, where footballing knowledge is beneficial but by no means essential, an administrative role, or as a committee member without a particular role, in the first instance."


If you feel you have something to offer please email League Secretary Mark Taylor,

League News / Updates



5th Dec.18

Transfer & De-Registration Forms available to download....19:40


13th Nov.

All Club Secretary details now added to Club Directory....09:00

Oct. Committee Minutes available to download.


12th Nov.

Crawley & Maidenbower Panthers U15s advert placed on noticeboard....09:20


5th Nov.

Heron Oylmpic U13s advert placed on noticeboard....09:10


29th Aug.

Club Directory unpated with Team details, just waiting for Club Secretary details...14:00


1st Aug.

Storrington Community U14s advert placed on noticeboard....08:50


26th July

Heron Olympic U13s / U14s advert placed on noticeboard....08:15


25th July

Horsham Tigers U15s advert placed on noticeboard....11:10

Steyning Town U13s to U18s advert placed on noticeboard....09:15


23rd July

League Rules 2018-19 season now available to download....09:15


16th July

Ashurst Wood Juniors U14s advert placed on noticeboard....09:00